Edward Wong Development Company Limited

Edward Wong Development Co. Ltd. (EWD) was set up as an operating real estate company in 1993 to expand Edward Wong Group’s real estate business worldwide. Since then, EWD has diversified its portfolio into investment holdings, development projects, project management and property management activities in the United States, Canada, Singapore, the Mainland and Hong Kong. With the combined effort of the members within EWD’s management team, our goal is to achieve balanced, diversified, systematic and sustainable growth by identifying and generating value propositions to our shareholders and partners. We have keen interest in developing long-term strategic collaborations and syndications with key strategic partners either on a project or corporate level. Our ultimate aim is to expand our network of strategic partners to achieve specific synergies for specific value propositions formulated by our various tailor-made business models, while help offering value creation to our stakeholders. EWD’s long term aspiration is to develop into a full-scale international real estate player that delivers consistent long-term value proposition to our shareholders by combining strength and knowledge of our management team and strategic partners. Income Properties: