Corporate Profile

Edward Wong Group, was founded in 1957. In those days, the “Edward Wong & Company” engaged principally in wholesaling and retailing of leather goods and accessory materials for shoemaking.

With vigorous efforts, we were able to expand our leather business and diversify into importing of woollen yarns and synthetic fibres. In 1962, our business was incorporated under the present name, “Edward Wong & Company Limited”. Towards the end of the 1960s, our business was further diversified into the export of garments, and the fabric department was subsequently set up to complement the Company’s operations.

During the 1990’s, the Group diversified into real estate markets in Hong Kong, Canada, USA and the PRC where it actively engaged in: properties investment, properties development, development management and property management. Our Hong Kong head quarter, Edward Wong Tower, was built and completed in 1992, which signified one of our earlier development projects.

Over the last sixty years, we have successfully established ourselves as a reputable and diversified group with businesses of trading, corporate finance and real estate investment and development. Having the trust and support from our clients and a never give up attitude to strengthen our business and explore new areas, we are determined to strive for greater achievements in the years to come.

Edward Wong
Group Chairman: Mr. Edward Wong